Plug and Meet. Your inclusive meeting room solution.

Investing in meeting room technology that is intuitive, consistent, and can be used for all your collaboration requirements will save you both time and money.

Simple, easy to use meeting spaces that incorporate everything you need to interact, connect and collaborate with internal and external users seamlessly and intelligently, regardless of whether they are in a meeting room or remote - and your meeting room technology should enable this! 


Never miss another meeting

With this solution, you can easily pair video conferencing and room booking, so your co-located workers can quickly and easily set up and start meetings with one touch, meaning external parties don't have to waste valuable time waiting for a meeting room to be set up. Instead, they can spend it finalising that next great idea.

Check out our A20 Meetingbar for a great huddle room experience

Make Can you repeat that? a thing of the past

Create more productive spaces, thanks to presenter tracking and a clearer sound. This solution auto-focuses on those speaking in the room (coverage extends to up to six metres) to keep your discussion on-topic. Furthermore, clearer sound will naturally integrate remote workers into the conversation. And, of course, better sound means you can pick up ideas from every user and ensure people sitting in the far end of the room can be clearly heard.

Check out our A30 Meetingbar and MVC660 for a great medium sized room experience

Seamlessly share content with just a click

Nothing takes professionalism away from a presentation like content sharing issues. We've probably all been there – but that doesn't mean it hurts any less. Thankfully, this issue can become a thing of the past with this true multi-source content sharing capability.

Check out our MVC840 for a great large meeting room experience

No need to share files – bring your own device!

If you're hosting a guest, or don't want to share sensitive files over your local network, you can take advantage of the easy-to-use plug-and-play capabilities. And boom, you are ready to go!

Check out our MVC400 for a great BYOD experience

All this, and more, at Telesmart

Telesmart can work with you to make sure the right technology is in the appropriate room, delivering an excellent meeting experience. Telesmart's technical engineers can support you before, during and after you have integrated these systems into your business – and can help you explore new features and stay updated on new product launches. Telesmart can also help you align your strategy with the long-term development direction of the product, so you'll never miss a trick.

Experience an Engaging meeting rooms solution with Telesmart!

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