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Helping you to make the most of your meeting rooms,
delivering seamless internal and customer-facing meetings.

Seamless installation

Our cost-effective meeting room solutions are simple to install and offer deep integration with your existing infrastructure. Regular firmware updates ensure that new features are constantly being added, and you can trust Telesmart to provide support when you need it.

  • Quick and straightforward setup, management, and maintenance

  • Smooth integration into your current IT infrastructure

  • Regular updates to keep your hardware running optimally

No matter your platform, we have you covered

Versatility is key. Whether you are on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google, or another platform, our hardware will integrate with your existing setup. Seamless integration with your directory, calendar and more, regardless of your preferred collaboration tool.

Whatever your scenario

Choose the perfect fit for your space, whether it’s a Teams conference room, boardroom, collaboration space, breakout area, training room, video conference room or on-the-go solution. Select a suite that aligns with your preferred meeting room size.

meeting room size

Huddle Rooms

With this solution, you can easily pair video conferencing and room booking, so your co-located workers can quickly and easily set up and start meetings with one touch, meaning external parties don't have to waste valuable time waiting for a meeting room to be set up. Instead, they can spend it finalising that next great idea.

Large Rooms

Nothing takes professionalism away from a presentation like content sharing issues. We've probably all been there – but that doesn't mean it hurts any less. Thankfully, this issue can become a thing of the past with this true multi-source content sharing capability.

Ready for your next meeting?  

Premium collaboration experience, you can now move your meeting board effortlessly, adapting to different use scenarios seamlessly. Whether it's a small brainstorming session or a large-scale presentation.

Pick a solution

Our focus on optimising meeting rooms delivers a tailored collaboration environment to you. Flexible hardware options, including video bars, webcams and other AV equipment, can accommodate various room sizes and budgets. Seamlessly collaborate internally and externally, ensuring secure content sharing even in external environments, minimising security and compliance risks.


With a primary focus on optimising the meeting rooms experience, our offering ensures a smooth and tailored collaboration environment. Discover an array of hardware choices crafted to accommodate diverse room sizes and budgetary considerations, providing flexibility and customisation no matter what your meeting room size is.


Achieve seamless user experiences for both internal and external collaboration. Whether working within your organisation, partnering with others, or engaging with customers, our platform provides a unified space for meetings, messaging, whiteboarding, and collaboration—accessible from any office, coffee shop, or living room worldwide.

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Ensure the utmost security for your sensitive content, even when users are in external environments. Minimise the potential for security and compliance breaches linked to sharing in spaces created outside your company.

Experience an Engaging meeting rooms solution with Telesmart!

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